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DATA POWER: global in/securities

Fragestellungen, Forschungsperspektiven, Themen About the conference “DATA POWER: global in/securities” follows two successful international conferences in the UK (University of Sheffield) and Canada (University of Carleton). The conference focuses on critical questions about data’s power, reflecting on the social and cultural consequences of data becoming increasingly pervasive in our lives. With its critical approach towards (…)


"Justice and Order in the Datafied Society: Connecting Communications and Legal Theory" (ICA 2019 Pre-Conference)

May 24, 2019, Washington D.C., USA Location: American University, The Washington College of Law Organisers: Nick Couldry (London School of Economics), Lina Dencik (Cardiff University), Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen), Karin van Es (Data School Utrecht) with support of Pat Aufderheide (American University) Division/Interest Group Affiliation(s): Communication and Technology Division and Philosophy Theory and Critique (…)