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Appointment as ICA Fellow: High honor for Andreas Hepp

Special honor for the spokesperson of the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI) at the University of Bremen: At the meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA) in Gold Coast, Australia, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp was appointed ICA Fellow on June 22, 2024. Fellow status in the ICA is awarded for life and (…)

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Invitation to the Conference: “Intertwining and Rethinking Digitalization, Society and Co-Worlds from a Queer Feminist Perspective”

Luisa Runge (M2C Institute for Applied Media Research, Bremen University of Applied Sciences) and Miira Hill (DCID, ZeMKI) have qualified for the conference “Intertwining and Rethinking Digitalization, Society, and Co-Worlds from a Queer Feminist Perspective” at Leibniz University Hannover with their contribution “Queer Feminist Perspectives on TikTok: A Critical Analysis of Sexism and Platform Governance.” (…)

Philip Sinner

Philip Sinner visits the University of Luxembourg

ZeMKI member Dr Philip Sinner was invited by Prof Dr Robin Samuel, Dr Anette Schumacher, Dr Hannes Käckmeister, Simone Charles (Digital Documentation and Research Centre (DDRC)) and the Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg | Ministère de l’Éducation nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse (MENJE) to the University of Luxembourg | Campus Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette. As (…)


ZeMKI goes ICA

This year's annual conference of the International Communications Association (ICA) will take place in Goald Cost, Australia, from June 20 to 24. The ZeMKI will be represented with numerous contributions and ZeMKI members will present research at the institute.


Join talk by Robert Gorwa: Qualitative Methods for Regulatory Episodes:Examining Policy Development in the Context of Global Platform Regulation

Time and Date: June 18, 2024, 3-4 pm (CET) Join ONLINE via ZOOM (check updates for the link) We are excited to announce the tenth  installment of the ongoing Online Talk Series “Behind the Scenes- Conversations on Empirical Platform Governance Platform Regulation”. This session, led by postdoctoral researcher Robert Gorwa, explores the strategy he developed (…)


Talk on AI Imaginaries of Stakeholders at Conference in Zurich

Tomorrow June 5th, lab members Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach and Vanessa Richter are going to present a talk on “Negotiating AI as a sociotechnical phenomenon: Competing imaginaries of AI by stakeholders in the US, China, and Germany” the content of which, addresses producers and proponents of AI-related communication, based on interviews with AI experts in (…)

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‘Plat-formation: The Formation of Platforms and Their Governance’ - lecture by Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach at the University of Sheffield on Thursday

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach will give a lecture on ‘Plat-formation: The Formation of Platforms and Their Governance’ at the University of Sheffield on Thursday, the 30th of May. Abstract How do social media platforms become what they are, how do they change and what is the role of governance in this process? Platforms (…)

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Article by Prof. Cornelius Puschmann on Right-wing Extremist Narratives and Influencers in BzKJAktuell

Prof. Cornelius Puschmann, head of the Digital Communication and Information Diversity Lab, has co-authored an article with Sophia Rothut (LMU Munich) and Darian Harff (KU Leuven) in the current issue of BzKJAktuell (02/2024), the journal of the Federal Agency for Child and Youth Media Protection (BzKJ). The article, entitled “Right-wing extremist narratives and social media (…)


Research Colloquium: Katharina Hajek (LMU Munich & UdK Berlin, Germany): "Constructing a Climate of Compliance – Understanding Resistance to Pro-Environmental Messages"

On 29/05/2024 the research colloquium of Katharina Hajek (LMU Munich & UdK Berlin, Germany) will take place on the topic “Constructing a Climate of Compliance – Understanding Resistance to Pro-Environmental Messages”. Abstract: Does every restriction of freedom lead to the same resistance? In the lecture, Katharina V. Hajek will provide insights into a project funded (…)


Sami Nenno on AI and disinformation in the taz

Sami Nenno from the Digital Communication and Information Diversity Lab comments as an expert on AI and disinformation on the potential of synthetically generated voices for disinformation in the German newspaper taz. The background to this is the presentation of OpenAI’s voice engine model, which makes it possible to create artificial voices based on short (…)

REMIT Conference Panel

ZeMKI member Dennis Redeker organized conference roundtable on global digital policy

ZeMKI member Dr. Dennis Redeker, member of the Lab "Platform Governance, Media and Technology", organized a roundtable on "Digital Governance between Multistakeholderism and Multilateralism" as part of the first conference of the EU Horizon Europe research project "Reignite Multilateralism via Technology" (REMIT). The conference took place on May 16 and 17, 2024 at KU Leuven and brought together academics with a policy audience from different areas of European and global technology policy.