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Cornelius Puschmann (1)

Prof Cornelius Puschmann invited as an expert to discuss the availability of data in social media at the University of Copenhagen

Prof. Cornelius Puschmann from the Digital Communication and Information Diversity Lab (DCID) is invited as an expert on social media data to the event "Navigating the Social Media Data Terrain: Roundtable on the Current Landscape of Social Media Data Availability" hosted by the SAMF Data Lab at the University of Copenhagen on 23 May 2024.

Blended Intensive Program_19

Erasmus+ "Blended-Intensive Programme" on global digital governance hosted at ZeMKI

In late April 2024, ZeMKI and the University of Bremen, hosted their first-ever Erasmus+ “blended-intensive programme” (BIP). Around thirty students and half a dozen instructors from eight universities across Europe participated in a week-long workshop designed under the theme “Digital Constitutionalism and the UN Global Digital Compact”. This in-person phase of the blended-intensive format is flanked by (…)


BeyondPlay 2024: The Transformative Power of Digital Gaming in a Deeply Mediatized Society

The International conference ‘Beyond Play: The Transformative Power of Digital Gaming in a Deeply Mediatized Society’ will take place from September 30th to October 2nd 2024 at the University of Bremen, Germany. The conference is hosted by the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (Zentrum für Medien-, Kommunikations- und Informationsforschung; ZeMKI)


New ZeMKI Member in the Lab Media and Education: Welcome Hang Dao!

Hang Dao has been a research assistant and PhD fellow in the research area “Didactic Design of Multimedia Learning Environments” (Prof. Dr. Karsten D. Wolf) at the University of Bremen and in the “Media and Education” lab at ZeMKI since April 2024. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physics and English Studies and went on (…)


Students Develop R Shiny Apps for Interactive Data Visualizations

As part of the class Data Journalism with R in the winter term 2023-24, students in the media BA and MA programs have created a set of interactive web-based apps to visualize and make accessible a range of datasets on different socioeconomic issues. These apps are based on R shiny and make it possible to interrogate quantitative information in a variety of ways.


Lecture by ZeMKI member Dr. Miira Hill at the University of Passau

On May 7th, ZeMKI member Dr. Miira Hill will give a lecture at the University of Passau on the topic of how commentators of the far right express their views on liberal values through social platforms. The talk offers insights into the intricate dynamics of political communication, especially concerning the misrepresentation of liberal values by (…)

Cornelius Puschmann (1)

Talk by Prof Cornelius Puschmann at the Leibniz Institute on predictors and contingencies of party-political online information searches

As part of the international symposium "Indicators of Social Cohesion in Social Media and Online Media", organised by the Social Media Observatory (SMO), Prof. Cornelius Puschmann from the Digital Communication and Information Diversity Lab (DCID) gave a lecture entitled "Watching the Greens? Predictors and Contingencies of Partisan Online Information Seeking".


Bodil Stelter: Lecture at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto (Japan) on "Gender-related Valuations in The Last of Us franchise“

In June 2020, the highly anticipated sequel to “The Last of Us” game was released. Within hours of its release, the game’s Metascore dropped to 3.3, while previous reviews from journalistic media had accumulated to a score of 95. What had happened? – The common reading of this “review-bombing” event is that players, unhappy with (…)


ComAI Lecture with Prof. Dr. Axel Bruns

Prof. Dr. Axel Bruns (Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, AUS) will be a guest in Bremen on 30 April 2024 and will give a lecture entitled “AI as Research Assistant: Upscaling Content Analysis to Identify Patterns of Polarization in the News”. The lecture will kick off the ComAI Lecture Series in the summer semester 2024. (…)

Philip Sinner

Presentation by ZeMKI member Dr. Philip Sinner at the annual conference of the dvs section Sports Sociology 2024: Sports Sociology as a Crisis Science

On 26 April 2024, ZeMKI member Dr Philip Sinner and the CoKoMeV team will give a presentation entitled “The communicative figuration of mediatized grassroot sports. Communicative strategies of Austrian and German sports clubs in response to the Covid-19 crisis”. The conference will take place from 25 to 27 April 2024 at TU Darmstadt. The conference (…)

Offerhaus 70a

ZeMKI member Dr. Anke Offerhaus was elected Dean of Academic Studies

ZeMKI member Dr. Anke Offerhaus was concordantly elected Dean of Academic Studies in Faculty 9. She now joins the dean’s office of Prof. Dr. Borchers and will continue her teaching activities in the ZeMKI degree programs as before. We congratulate Dr. Offerhaus on her election and wish her much joy and success in her new (…)