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Lecture by ZeMKI Member Dr. Stephanie Seul at the Conference “Rethinking Our Communicative Pasts: Reparatory and Radical Perspectives” in London

ZeMKI member Dr. Stephanie Seul will give a lecture entitled “Writing Women into the Historical Narrative of War Reporting: Avis Waterman, “The Times” Correspondent on the Italian Front During the First World War” at the conference “Rethinking Our Communicative Pasts: Reparatory and Radical Perspectives” at Loughborough University in London on April 26, 2024 from 2 (…)

ZeMKI Announcement REMIT

REMIT Roundtable on the UN Global Digital Compact

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, a public roundtable on the United Nations Global Digital Compact will take place at 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the House of Science in Bremen. The Global Digital Compact is currently being negotiated by the UN member states; a first draft text was published in early April. The roundtable is (…)

UNC Greensboro

“And also the ice age comes and goes” The Discussion of Climate Change and Values in Gaming Discussion Forums

Professor Kerstin Radde-Antweiler explores climate change in relation to video games and gaming practices, analyzing discussions on environmental games and their narratives. Despite the prominence of climate change themes in games, her research reveals a lack of discussions about their content and connections to real-world events on gaming forums compared to other media platforms. However, (…)


Special Issue on "Mediatization and Human Machine Communication"

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, together with Göran Bolin, Andrea L. Guzman and Wiebke Loosen, has published a special issue on “Mediatization and Human Machine Communication” in the journal Human-Machine Communication. This issue includes a selection of five articles that were submitted via a call for papers last year. The editorial provides an overview (…)


ZeMKI Research Seminar Spring/Summer 2024

The ZeMKI is continuing its series of research seminars this semester. Five communication and media scholars from Finland, Italy, Germany and Sweden have been invited to give an insight into their research. The lectures: Dr. Matti Nelimarkka (University of Helsinki, Finland): Navigating the Visual Turn in Digital Media: 
Methodologies and Challenges for Visual Big Data (…)

“Imperfect Automation and the Human Fix”

New research article: Imperfect Automation and the Human Fix

Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach and Dr. Paloma Viejo Otero from the “Platform Governance, Media and Technology” Lab at the University of Bremen in collaboration with Leipzig University member Prof. Dr. Christian Pentzold have published a new open access article in the Human-Machine Communication Journal titled: “Smoothing Out Smart Tech’s Rough Edges: Imperfect Automation and the (…)

Titelbild comics

“Science Comics” Exhibition opens at Haus der Wissenschaft

ZeMKI member Dr. Dennis Redeker (member of the Platform Governance, Media, and Technology Lab) organizes an exhibition of science comics at the Haus der Wissenschaft in Bremen. The communication of scientific methods and findings to the general public has been breaking new ground for some years now. This now includes media formats that were previously (…)


"film:art 100: best 8 of 800" - Anniversary Program for 20 Years of film:art

On Wednesday, 17.04.2024, Bremen’s Kommunalkino CITY 46 will host a program of experimental films and videos, curated and introduced by Christine Rüffert. The program is part of the ongoing curatorial series “film:art”, which exhibits films between art and cinema: A cooperation between the Kommunalkino and the University of Bremen. In its 100th edition, it presents (…)

ZeMKI Fellows 2024

ZeMKI Visiting Research Fellows 2024

This year, the ZeMKI welcomes a total of four Visiting Research Fellows as part of its Visiting Researcher Program. From over 85 applications, the steering committee of the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research at the University of Bremen selected five researchers who will work together with two ZeMKI labs in interdisciplinary research for (…)


DataNord Sub-Project at ZeMKI: Interdisciplinary Research to Support Social Movements in Social Media

The realization of the project “We The (Social) Media: Social Media by and for Social Movements” has officially started on November 15th. It is being realized through intensive interdisciplinary collaboration with doctoral student Anna Ricarda Luther (ifib), Prof. Haunss (SOCIUM), Prof. Geise (ZeMKI), Prof. Heuer and Prof. Breiter (both ifib). The project is part of (…)

Behind the Scenes Online Talk Series (Session 9) with Eugenia Siapera: Civil Society Organisations (CSO) as Platform Governance Actors

Next week, Eugenia Siapera & Elizabeth Farries will talk about “CSOs as Platform Governance Actors” as part of the Online Talk Series “Behind the Scenes – Conversations on Empirical Platform Governance Research. Time and Date: April 16, 2024, 3-4 pm (CET)   About the Series This talk is part of the series Behind the Scenes – (…)

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ZeMKI Alumna Luisa Runge and member Miira Hill invited to ESA

ZeMKI is represented with a contribution at the “ESA 16th Conference of the European Sociological Association” in Porto. This year’s ESA theme is “Tension, Trust and Transformation.” Luisa Runge (M2C Institute for Applied Media Research, Bremen University of Applied Sciences) and Miira Hill (DCID) have qualified for the Science and Technology Track of the conference (…)

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On the Mediatization of the Social World - ZeMKI Member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp gives Lecture at Bielefeld University

As part of the lecture series “Aktuelle mediensoziologische Forschungen” Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp will give a lecture on “Auf dem Weg zur digitalen Gesellschaft: Über die Mediatisierung der sozialen Welt” on 15. April 2024 at Bielefeld University. To the event Abstract: If you take a closer look at the term “digital society”, you will notice (…)

Flyer Vortrag

ZeMKI Member Dr. Dom Ford at Symposium ‘Videogames as Folkworlds: Nationalism – Democracy – Sustainability’ in Regensburg

ZeMKI member Dr. Dom Ford has been invited to give a talk at the University of Regensburg on ‘A World to Escape to: Gameworlds as Otherworlds in Datafied Society’ at the symposium ‘Videogames as Folkworlds: Nationalism – Democracy – Sustainability’, 11–12 April. About the event: Funded by the Vielberth Foundation and sponsored by the Leibniz (…)

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Prof. Dr. Radde-Antweiler: Research Fellow at UNC Greensboro

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Kerstin Radde-Antweiler is currently a Research Fellow at UNC Greensboro. Since last year, UNCG has established an E-Sports Center (https://esports.uncg.edu/), which offers study programs as well as research on the topic of digital gaming. During her three-month stay, she will collaborate with the Network for the Cultural Study of Videogaming (https://cas.uncg.edu/ncsv). The stay (…)

Lab Puschmann

Contribution of DCID Lab to EASST-4S 2024

The Lab for Digital Communication and Information Diversity (DCID), headed by Prof. Cornelius Puschmann, is contributing to the EASST-4S 2024 conference in Amsterdam. The theme of this year’s conference is “Making and Doing Transformations”. Miira Hill, Patrick Zerrer and Cornelius Puschmann are participating with the paper “Unraveling Patterns in Media Consumption: A Qualitative Microscopic Analysis (…)


New research article: Diversity in explanatory videos on YouTube

Verena Honkomp-Wilkens and Prof. Dr. Karsten D. Wolf from the ZeMKI Lab “Media & Education” have published a new open access article in the journal MedienPädagogik on “Diversity in explanatory videos on YouTube: Deconstruction or continuation of a gendered order in informal audio-visual educational spaces?” (DOWNLOAD). YouTube is an important social video network for teenagers (…)

“Desinformationen und KI-generierte Fakes – rettet der Digital Services Act die Europawahl?” - Panel discussion in Brussels with lab member Prof. Dr Christian Katzenbach

Lab member Prof. Dr Christian Katzenbach will participate in a panel discussion on the role of platforms in the 2024 European elections in Brussels on 9 April 2024, starting at 6pm. The discussion will be held in German under the titel “Desinformationen und KI-generierte Fakes – rettet der Digital Services Act die Europawahl?” and can be (…)


ZeMKI Member Prof. Dr. Christian Schwarzenegger as a Guest on the Podcast "Vergangenheitsformen"

As a guest in the HSozKult podcast “Vergangenheitsformen”, ZeMKI member Professor Christian Schwarzenegger talks to Claudia Prinz about “Memes und Geschichtskultur” and specifically his research on activism with historical memes and the significance of memes for the digital culture of remembrance. 43 entertaining and hopefully informative minutes. Now on Spotify and wherever podcasts are available. (…)


ZeMKI-Member Christian Katzenbach now Visiting Professor at LSE

ZeMKI-Member Prof. Dr. Christian Katzenbach has started his position as visiting professor at the The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). During his stay, until July 2024, Christian is working on topics ranging from AI discourses and regulation, to the role of social media platforms in society. At the department, he is teaching (…)

ZeMKI members Dr Daria Dergacheva and Vasilisa Kuznetsova contributed to the Oxford 2024 Election Initiative by co-authoring the blogpost "2024 Russian Presidential Elections – How Digital Technologies Are Used to Wield Authoritarian Power"

ZeMKI members Dr Daria Dergacheva and Vasilisa Kuznetsova, together with other researchers from the Oxford Internet Institute, have published a blog post for the Oxford 2024 Election Initiative. Under the title “2024 Russian Presidential Elections – How Digital Technologies Are Used to Wield Authoritarian Power”, the researchers share their findings on how digital technologies can (…)