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Film Comedy after the Third Reich: On the political Aesthetics of Entertainment in Defector Films

Team: PD Dr. Rasmus Greiner, Tatiana Astafeva M.A. Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG) Contact: film-history@uni-bremen.de The project aims to research German feature films from 1944/45 that were not completed or premiered until after the end of the Second World War. These approximately 60 defector films are of disproportionate importance for film theory and (film) history. (…)

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Film History, Latin America and the Transatlantic Circulation of Knowledge

Film history, Latin America and the transatlantic circulation of knowledge: Paulo Emílio Salles Gomes’ international network Head: Dr. Ricardo Borrmann Funding: Central Research Department (ZF) of the University of Bremen This project examines the role of Latin American intellectuals and transatlantic knowledge circulation in film history by reconstructing the international network of the Brazilian film (…)